Graeme Elliott

Senior Brand Protection Analyst
Budding Web Developer


Brand Protection

Protecting brands from online infringements by combating the loss of revenue, reputation, and customer trust caused by brand exploitation. Researching and analysing trends using detailed data analytics.

Project Management

Managing and leading teams on small, mid-level, and large scale projects. Having an active involvement in the overall planning, strategy and execution of assignments through cross-departmental collaboration.

Web Development

Design and develop beautiful, responsive, modern websites and web applications. Build from scratch, both front-end and back-end, and able to custom code to accomadate unique features and functions.



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Graeme is part of the Brand Protection Operations team at CSC Digital Brand Services based in Cambridge, UK. He has been working at NetNames Brand Protection/CSC Digital Brand Services since 2015. He is a lead analyst on multiple services across different companies in various industries; covering a wide range of brand protection tasks including researching domain, social media and marketplace infringements, as well as carrying out investigations. Some of his research findings have been published in the media. Graeme is also a budding Web Developer in his spare time.